Here at Sim Solutions, we lead & learn by example. Nothing beats hands on experience from a humble beginning. We hope to aspire and groom all to become leaders in their own spheres.

Management Staff

Mr Francis Sim:

Managing Director

Throughout the years, Francis has assumed various leadership roles, both in sports and his career. Having accumulated 10 years of experience as a leader in his 13 years with SIA, spearheading the team at Sim Solutions was a natural fit.

Mr Tang Teng Foong:

General Manager

Tang has his know-how on operational and business excellence, through various portfolios held previously in a local university, a Swiss Listed Access Control Systems company and a local SME.

He had held various positions as Product Development Manager, Operations Manager, General Manager and COO.

Ms Brenda Sim:

Finance, HR and Administrative Manager

Brenda joined Sim Solutions in 2010, and is Finance, Human Resource and Administrative Manager.  Prior to joining Sim Solutions, she has had more than 25 years of experience managing the Human Resource Departments in various supermarts and F&B fast food chains.

Mr Chung Joo Chin:

Operations Manager

Prior to joining Sim Solutions, Mr Chung joined Sim Solutions as a packer was promoted progressively through rank and file over the years and is now an Operations Manager for logistics.
Today, Mr Chung oversees the day to day operations of our staff in our clients’ 6 central warehouses as well as the fleet of vehicles for transport and home deliveries

Mr Chung is also involved in group strategic planning for operation matters.